"The opening act was the very dry Anthony King, who mixes music and mirth getting a very nice balance between the two. I appreciated him interspersing the songs with some great material, as I’m not a huge fan of musical comedy. His routines are all very good and have a logical build to them, making perfect sense, with no bizarre twists. The speed bumps and being self employed stood out. The songs are dark, almost bleak in tone, but made uplifting by his skill with the guitar and by his remarkable voice. I liked how King’s facial expressions during the lodger went from normal to looking far from normal – very much in keeping with the material. This was a solid set that opened the night well." 

- Notts Comedy Review 27th Jan 2017 

Above: Anthony performing at The Wilderness Festival (Aug 3rd, 2017) Photo by Adele Browne.

Below: Anthony's page in a new book 'Joker Face' by Steve Best.
About Anthony's inclusion: "..You have one of my favourite jokes in the book" - Steve Best.


Anthony has been a fixture on the U.K. comedy scene for nearly 30 years playing top U.K. Clubs, Theatres, Arts Centres and at Festivals. His unique dead-pan style was honed in the late 80's/early 90's in London before the circuit expanded to what it is today. At home with a quiet listening audience and the bustle of a rowdy club, with a set full of punchlines. 

"It’s the one-liners that set him apart. Sparse, efficient, unexpected – and often with a delicious twinge of underlying nastiness – each one is an elegant example of perfect joke construction….” - chortle.co.uk

Stand-Up with Guitar

In the last few years, Anthony has started writing songs and now has a 'song sets' as well as a stand-up sets.  "Some clubs are more suited to stand-up and some prefer the stand-up and songs. It's great to be able to do both". 

"Anthony King was the slow-burner of the weekend, his psycho songs creepier than most in the overcrowded genre of lovelorn, guitar strumming weirdos. The prissily sneery, camp inflection of his threats remained with you long after he left the stage" - Jay Richardson - The British Comedy Guide (June 4, 2013).