Anthony King is a stand-up comedian, songwriter and comedy'stand-up' mentor with thirty years in the comedy business.

As well as performing regularly on the U.K. comedy circuit, writes and performs songs for his historical comedy shows (

Anthony has also run stand-up comedy workshops since 2002 and regularly mentors for The Leicester Comedy Festival's annual Stand-Up Challenge.

In 1987 I quit my job in Leicester and moved to London to have a go at comedy. It wasn't a popular decision and I can honestly say you could count the number of people who backed me on the fingers of one finger - and that was me.

At first I was writing sketches and in a double act (Purdy and King) and thought that was the way to go but it didn't transfer to the stand-up circuit too well. We couldn't convert try-out spots into paid work. One night, my double act partner didn't turn up so i did the show solo and finally succeeded in getting a full spot.

Over the next few years I nurtured a surreal, dead-pan, one-liner style, occasionally reading silly word play extracts from a self written booklet. "You're the most original act on the circuit", a once colleague but now famous act said to me. 

More to come

    Workshops and Mentoring

    "I was working for a large department store in their finance department and was suddenly asked to speak about the 'in-store credit card' to a small section of store workers (4 to be precise). I was scared stiff about making this presentation but eventually talked for half an hour trying to inject my humour (that nobody was expecting and nobody 'got') when I could. The four people just stared at me, including the girl who, only days before, had turned me down when I asked her out. I was young. I had no idea how to present but I blundered through it and came away remembering only the flaws and thinking that they must clearly have seen my nerves and lack of confidence. But I'd been harsh on myself because I'd clearly got the message across, I just didn't get the ovation that I'd dreamed about the night before. 

    “Nowadays, more and more is expected of staff in the workplace and presentations and speaking is far more common. I went on to work in stand-up comedy, and attended a comedy course down in London. The course proved to be inspiring and I eventually started my own. That's when I found out how useful these courses and mentoring can be for all walks of life from  improving the confidence in individuals to team building. Way back then, in the 80's, giving that talk, I could of benefited from such a course. Still, I did it, it was only to four people and the girl phoned me up and reversed her decision"

    - Anthony King - Comedian