"The gags get better and better" WILLIAM COOK, THE GUARDIAN

Outstanding is Anthony King, an elegantly mournful figure whose timing and delivery of a stream of one-liners
and non-sequiteurs are masterly” -

"Anthony King was the slow-burner of the weekend, his psycho songs creepier than most in the
overcrowded genre of lovelorn, guitar strumming weirdos. The prissily sneery, camp inflection
of his threats remained with you long after he left the stage"

- Jay Richardson  (The British Comedy Guide at From The Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival).

Like a stand-up Rupert Everett (the same dark looks, the same insouciant stage persona) his attitude is take it or
leave it – the right attitude for getting laughs" - The Guardian

"The juxtaposition of this seemingly conservative character with his calm, sedate manner against the slowly simmering murderous apathy he expresses is quite fascinating. He does it with such humour and aplomb that we want to take that part of ourselves and hold it up to be celebrated. An hour of quick wit, dry humour and unapologetic veracity that will leave you questioning your beliefs and values and laughing as you do." -  JFS – SGFringe **** 4 stars

"Mixing music and mirth and getting a very nice balance bewteen the two...
his skill with the guitar and his remarkable voice"

- Notts Comedy Review

King offers something of a pot pourri of comedy styles: a good dollop of observational stuff, a generous helping of banter, a dash of spontaneity plus a handful of deadpan one-liners to add spice.  It’s the one-liners that set him apart. Sparse, efficient, unexpected – and often with a delicious twinge of underlying nastiness – each one is an elegant example of perfect joke construction….”  - Chortle.co.uk

King of the one-liners”  -  BBC LONDON LIVE

“Spot-on musical gags. Hilarious!” - Three Weeks

“Hilariously morbid” - Broadway Baby

“Dark, engaging, morbid and fascinating. He made me feel like I was the only person in the audience and that he was singing to me. Authentic and sharply observed, and uncomfortably HILARIOUS! Thank you Anthony King.”  - Fringe Website