"What an amazing performer Anthony King is....saw him at the Funhouse Comedy Club at the Lyric Rooms in Ashby last night and my face is still aching this morning! Thank you!" - Sarah Warner (Ashby)

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From The Atkinson, Southport (3.8.13)

"Following a warming introduction to the evening from Damion Larkin, the audience relaxed as the compere introduced comedian Anthony King to the stage" .

For someone outwardly unsuspecting and seemingly ordinary, King delivered an act that was full of surprises. He paired devilish one-liners with endearing guitar performances and his impeccable delivery had the audience waiting for every punch-line." - puravidastudent.wordpress.com

From The Kilkenny Cat Laughs weekend...

"Anthony King was the slow-burner of the weekend, his psycho songs creepier than most in the overcrowded genre of lovelorn, guitar strumming weirdos. The prissily sneery, camp inflection of his threats remained with you long after he left the stage" - Jay Richardson - The British Comedy Guide (June 4, 2013).

"The gags get better and better" WILLIAM COOK, THE GUARDIAN

King of the one-liners” BBC LONDON LIVE

Outstanding is Anthony King, an elegantly mournful figure whose timing and delivery of a stream of one-liners and non-sequiteurs are masterly” THE SCOTSMAN

King offers something of a pot pourri of comedy styles: a good dollop of observational stuff, a generous helping of banter, a dash of spontaneity plus a handful of deadpan one-liners to add spice.

It’s the one-liners that set him apart. Sparse, efficient, unexpected – and often with a delicious twinge of underlying nastiness – each one is an elegant example of perfect joke construction….” Chortle.co.uk 

Like a stand-up Rupert Everett (the same dark looks, the same insouciant stage persona) his attitude is take it or leave it – the right attitude for getting laughs….”The Guardian

The juxtaposition of this seemingly conservative character with his calm, sedate manner against the slowly simmering murderous apathy he expresses is quite fascinating. He does it with such humour and aplomb that we want to take that part of ourselves and hold it up to be celebrated. An hour of quick wit, dry humour and unapologetic veracity that will leave you questioning your beliefs and values and laughing as you do. JFS – SGFringe **** 4 stars

“Spot-on musical gags. Hilarious!” - Three Weeks

“Hilariously morbid” - Broadway Baby

“Dark, engaging, morbid and fascinating. He made me feel like I was the only person in the audience and that he was singing to me. Authentic and sharply observed, and uncomfortably HILARIOUS! Thank you Anthony King.”  - Fringe Website

Recent Feedback:

Tweet from Darley dale show (Fri 17th June): "@akstandupYou fantastic at the Whitworth centre last night. Blew all my expectations away. Please come back to the area soon. Cheers! "- @Simon Allsop

"You fantastic at the Whitworth centre last night. Blew all my expectations away. Please come back to the area soon. Cheers!" - Simon Allsop (Twitter, June 2016)

"Compere and opening act were great. I had tears down my cheeks for Anthony.... with him there’s the immediate laugh, and then the follow up laughs from others as the jokes sink in. Brilliant" - Comment from venue staff at (Narbert 14.5.15)

"Great gig in our *Village* tonight. Thank you - you made me cry with laughter especially your cheeky songs." - Mary Stallard (@StaryMallard) Llangollen

"Without a doubt, the funniest act I have had the pleasure of gigging with. J" - Jamie Gosney (Comedian)

@thegrainy @akstandup had us in stitches if youre into comedy id highly recommend checking him out.
Amy Crosbie ‏@
floppytherabbit  Jan 30

@akstandup highly recommend seeing this #comedian bloody brilliant, definitely a must see #funny #artist x - Art and Arty Things ‏@ArtandArtyThing  Dec 27

Just seen @akstandup at the LOL comedy club in hull - top notch - quality comedian - Alex ‏@Alex_Brown2410  Dec 19

Loved @akstandup at LOL Comedy Club Grimsby tonight! Funny songs!  ~ go look him up! <3 xxx
Tammy Webster ‏@TammyWebsterX  Dec 5

Just seen @akstandup in #Coventry. So funny :) 
- s.fox ‏@
sfox_  Oct 18

@akstandup you were by far our favourite. Well done you! *patronising smile* give yourself a beer.... Or whatever...  - lewd prude dude ‏@sardoniasardine Oct 18

"First time last night. Top notch disturbing act to open the show! Thoroughly enjoyed" 
- @APliverpoolfc via Twitter 24/8/14

"Cheers Anthony great set last night with some great feedback :-)"
- @hwccliverpool 24/8/14

@akstandup played it in the car on my way to wrk this morn, laughed all the way. Best tenner I've spent for ages. x
- @sadehennessy Twitter 7/7/14

@akstandup You were so funny in guiseley tonight! I even bought your album. Great laugh. Nice to meet you. :-) x - @sadehennessy Twitter 6/7/14

Tremendous opening set from @akstandup tonight @CoopersGuiseley
- Twitter 6/7/14

Hey, Anthony watched the show last night and brought the cd, already had a tenners worth of laughs out of it, really funny stuff very dry and very clever, and you can execute the comedy song to perfection. Good luck with your work on the new material and the book of one liners, would definitely make the effort come watch you next time your in town and soon as you've got the new material burnt to a disc send it on its way, keep up the good work m8y
- Sean Hall (Stoke On Trent gig June 2014)

"Been listening to our @akstandup live double-CD that we bought from the man himself at @JongleursLeeds last night, great stuff!!" - Razor's Game  Shelf via Twitter

"Without a shadow of a doubt @akstandup is THE funniest comedian I have seen at @JongleursLeeds I need an album & a tour"
-  Vikki Wilkinson via Twiiter 

"A laugh a minute last night @watersideArts especially @akstandup - gutted I lost my centipede badge in the pub though :("
- Helen Stott via Twitter

CD Feedback:

"My family are addicted to a couple of your songs. The 'Eccentric'one is understated perfection. My kids walk around the house singing, 'Yes, you did, and it was shit'. They love the 'sorry' one too" 
- Hugh Evans (Leicester)

"Whoever you are BUY it. Very, very funny. I also had the privilege of being in the audience when it was recorded."
- Mark Weston - Lutterwoth, Leics.

"Listened to you CD .. We loved it .. River is still my favourite !!" 
- Geoff (Boyz) and Sarah

"Am listening to your CD. Very funny! Your timing and tone is excellent! The chorus of Rainbow is the business :)"- Maria, Plumstead.

More Feedback:

"Magnificently witty one-liners delievered with captivating dexterity. His shockingly funny material and beautiful macabre songs had the audience hanging on his every word. His humour may be dark, but he certainly lit up the room"  - Jones P. (The Verdict Comedy Club, Brighton - 19.7.2013)

@akstandup Hysterical gig at @HighlightLeeds last night with incredibly witty Anthony King. Will definitely be back thanks to this man!
- via twitter (June 2013)

“I've booked Anthony as a head-liner and he stormed it – highly recommended”
- Doug Segal (April 2013)

“Anthony did the Comedy Chapel for me last Thursday (April 4th, 2013) and was superb – everyone loved him”
- Mark Bos (April 2013)

"Worked with Anthony lots of times. I love his act. Different from most of the stuff you see week in week out. Unusual, dark and original. Makes me and the audiences laugh even in the build up to jokes. Superb act" - Joe Bromehead (Comedian)

“Excellent. Would definitely come to another comedy evening. I liked Anthony King the best and think I went to school with him!”
- Joanne Dale (Swithland Leicester Stands-Up Show, Feb 2013)

“All of the acts were great but Anthony King stood out from the rest. He was hilarious!!”
- James (Lubenham Leicester Stands-Up Show Feb 2013)

"The funniest man I've seen in a very long time. Saw him at The Piano Rooms, Lutterworth. Songs, crying in laughter funny. Booked tickets to see him the next day"
- Mark Weston Jan 2013 (via chortle.co.uk)

“The Comedy Club at The Park Royal Hotel” Reviewed 4 February 2012 We have been to the Park Royal before, and on this occasion there was evening entertainment from the comedy club. There were three stand-up comedians, all very good but the droll Anthony King had us laughing just standing there. Brilliant. The comedy club included a meal of "bangers & mash" and the bread & butter pudding which followed was excellent. To facilitate buying drinks during the show, all we had to do was raise a card and the waited appeared.
Trip Advisor Review

"I saw Anthony at Barnstormers Comedy Night at Leighton Buzzard with Kevin Precious as MC. Anthony had me in tears of laughter on several occasions. I would definitely see him again. Musical gags and great timing and a very dark sense of humour. Very funny"
- Tony G (via chortle.co.uk - March 2012)

"I also saw this wonderful guy at Leicester Comedy Festival. Great persona. Songs that I want on CD. Would recommend you book him. I know I would"
- Lovdev (via chortle.co.uk)

"Saw Anthony on a Sunday afternoon at Leicester Comedy Festival, with a superb mix of stand up and songs; some silly and some superbly dark 'wrong songs', notably one about a naked dead body floating in a river. All balanced with some outstanding stand-up and audience interaction. Someone commented that he had such a nice voice he should sing a proper love song, and I'm not sure if what he did in response was ad-libbed but what was effectively a one-liner set to music hit the comedy spot, bantering set to music. I don't know if this show, Anthony King - Songs Of Love And Death, is heading for Edinburgh, but if it is I'd well recommend checking it out. If he's not I'd look out for him playing a venue near you soon. In fact if he's not going to Edinburgh book him, even if you don't run a gig, get him to play in your living room!"
- Tony Brand (via chortle.co.uk)

A fantastically, dark, deadpan and wonderfully talented man who, has a fixation with bodies in rivers and lodgers. Thank you Anthony. x
- Sarah (via MySpace)

Feedback on Songs Of Love and Death:

(from Edinburgh Festival Fringe website):6.8.12

Dark, engaging, morbid and fascinating. Anthony King makes several references to the 'weirdo' and the 'outsider' and within this piece's character, he clearly speaks from experience! It is amazingly uncompromising (despite today a 40% audience cohort of high school students). Anthony King sings and strums the dark, dark , unpleasant thoughts that we all have with extreme wit and accuity. He made me feel like I was the only person in the audience and that he was singing to me. Authentic and sharply observed, and uncomfortably HILARIOUS! Thank you Anthony King

- Matt Whitbread

Mr King, you make me laugh in a most undignified manner. Reliably sick and twisted, as ever! More, please. (Johnny Cash is just too funny). 
- Youtube Channel

Love Anthony’s songs, especially Centipede! And I like the River song in a sort of uneasy way if that makes sense! Lovely voice and style.
- Maria Warren, Plumstead

Anthony, Me and my family were at Highlight Leicester last night, id just like to say a BIG thankyou for your comedy...my stomach muscles still hurt from all the laughter!!  You were by far the best act of the night :) will be looking at your website for future events many thanks 
- Sophie Howard, Leicester

Hi Antony, I'd like to thank you for making my comedy evening a very enjoyable one. I loved your act and and was very pleased to see a sophisticated sense of humour with well and timely delivered lines. You have certainly raised the bar of an otherwise OKish comedy evening for me.
Regards Ayse

Anthony, Hi, I was at the Redditch gig last night, in the second row, but laughing loudly, so that you could hear me and feel suitably encouraged, it seemed to work (for both of us). Thanks for a great evening, now I've typed that it sounds like you took me out for a romantic meal, in which case my loud laughter would have been wholly inappropriate, sorry. If you're thinking of running any workshops again, I'd be really interested, meantime keep up the good work. Must dash, it's time for Sunday fire drill. 
Cheers Theo