Stand-Up with Guitar + Bonus 'Live' at Fitz Fest

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Stand-Up with Guitar Digital track list:

1: Decision/Rainbow  2: Traffic/Legs  3: Shop/Roll On/Cliff Song  4: Tattoo  5: Self-Employed  6: The Lodger  7: Couples  8: Second In Line  9: The Titanic Joke  10:  The Heckle  11: My Pet Centipede  12: Elaine  13: Nobody Could Tell  14: The River  15: Dog  16: Eccentric  17: The Neighbours  18: The Brazilian  19: Shake Me When I'm Dead  20: Questions  21: Sorry

Bonus 'Live' At Fitz Fest, Stourbridge - June 7th, 2018.  16 minutes including Elaine, Rainbow, Tinder Love, Shake Me When I'm Dead and My Pet Centipede. 

The first of three nights of comedy at Fitz Fest saw Wayne Beese (MC) introduce Anthony King, Nick Page and Paul Sinha to a sell out crowd.