The 1000 Years Show

In 2015, Anthony embarked on a new project that incorporated song-writing, stand-up and history. The result was The 1000 Years Show which began as 20 minute bite-sized performances at Leicester's Guildhall that covers such topics as Richard III, Magna Carta, Agincourt and 'Famous Leicester' with more topics being added all the time.

The first hour long shows will be performed at The Leicester Comedy Festival 2018 and shows can now vary in length up to 90 minutes plus.

The central theme is the 1000 Years between 1066 and 2066 which enables present and future topics to be woven in as the show skips up and down the timeline. A song called King and Queens being the foundation stone covering the whole period.

The shows are 'universal' and suitable for all ages.

The 1000 Years website is HERE