Workshops & Mentoring

Workshops and one to one mentoring in stand-up comedy for individuals or businesses.

Team building and public speaking using the stand-up comedy process.

Especially ideal for improving confidence
in young people!

Email: Angela or Anthony at or call on 07483 843452
for details, consultations and prices.

The workshops and mentoring guide you to create and perform comedy material and are not only useful for budding stand-ups but also useful for

Businesses, Universities and Schools.  

They are excellent ways in which to build and improve confidence in your students or staff.  

The length, location, dates and timing of workshops can usually be fitted flexibly into the day or evening, whatever suits each business.

Mentoring sessions follow the model Anthony uses with Stand-Ups who are entering the world of comedy for the first time, by unleashing the comic potential within.

The process will:

Improve your public speaking!

Enhance your presentation skills!

Build your confidence!
Improve your everyday conversation!

And more!

Anthony has conducted workshops in stand-up comedy since 1991.  He is the mentor for Leicester Comedy Festival's Stand-Up Challenge in which business people are coached to perform a night of stand-up for charity. 


"Anthony gave me the confidence to present and speak in different ways that I had not imagined before.  This has helped me enormously in my work life. He's was a brilliant coach.  His intervention style was convincing and engaging."

-  Bernard Szczech - IBM

"Anthony coached me for the Stand Up Challenge in 2015 and his support was invaluable in giving me the professional hints and tips that come with experience, from pace and material to stage presence Anthony was very supportive"

- Nick Pulley (Winner of Leicester Comedy Festival's Stand-Up Challenge 2015)

"His input was focused on adding value to my act, by way of him either sharing new ideas, developing the literal content of my existing material and often throwing in something completely left field that shed a new way of delivering a great line"

- Andy Morris (De Montfort University)

"The series of workshops made it easy for my first performance in the stand up world. It was like i'd already done 50 gigs"

- Richard Holmes (Workshop attendee)

“Equally important, Anthony was able to help me to develop my own style of observational comedy, based on my life experiences. He didn’t try and pigeon-hole me into a particular style that suited him. Given that other trainees had very different styles, it was clear that his training methods were adaptable to any style of comedy"

- SuCH contestant, Pete Miller (The Miller Partnership)

"Anthony provided invaluable inspiration, support and guidance, which helped me get on stage in front of 350 people, tell jokes and even generate a few laughs!"

Simon Gray, Chief Executive – Nottingham Means Business-

"Anthony clearly has a massive talent himself, which he unselfishly shared. His skills in mentoring & coaching the Challenge contestants were inspiring..."

- Debra Heighton (Stand Up Challenge Contestant 2015)

"As part of the challenge we were assigned a mentor – at first I wasn’t sure how you could be taught to be funny, but it was less about that and more about giving you the tools to have the best chance of developing your style and conveying your humour.

Chris White - CPMG Architects Limited

"I attended a comedy workshop ran by Anthony. He had an excellent, supportive style and built a fantastic rapport with the group. We were new to each other and he immediately put us at ease and created an atmosphere where we were happy to open up, share ideas and present to each other. He enabled a situation where feedback was given by peers in a form which was constructive and well received. I would thoroughly recommend Anthony for anyone looking for a well run workshop targeted toward opening people up and drawing out their best ideas".

- Duncan Clarke (Business Challenge)